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Artist's Hand

by Bryan Sirchio

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"Lisa, If You're Listening" from Artist's Hand "Lisa, If You're Listening" It seems we're all born thirsty for the cup of happiness Its almost like we're homesick for a place we've not seen yet Could it be that longing is a gift from the Spirit's hand A thirst that's meant to lead us -- to look for a Promised Land Well maybe you've been thirsty But you're not really sure what for You've looked for satisfaction Everywhere except in the Lord Lisa started drinking -- she steals her daddy's gin She says that when she's wasted she feels like she fits in Her parents give her money So she buys lots of stuff at the mall Her closet's full but Lisa feels so empty with it all But Lisa if you're listening, there's something that I need to say Girl it's not your fault you feel emptied out this way, because (Chorus) Somebody sold us the Brooklyn Bridge I'm telling you that's how it is The things they said would satisfy Can never touch that thirst inside And I believe that what we're all longing for is Christ Some folks try to quench that thirst with things that they can buy Some run from one lover to the next but they don't know why Some just hide the hunger by living way too fast And some just give up hoping that any good thing lasts But Lisa if you're listening, don't pretend that your life's just fine 'Cause Jesus might be trying to reach way down inside (and show you) (Chorus) There's a Fountain flowing with what you're longing for And people find that water, when they know they need the Lord So if you know you're thirsty, well there's a cup that we all can share And there's a special table with a place set for you there So sit down Lisa... Welcome home Lisa... Music @ Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995. All Rights Reserved.
If God's Alive from Artist's Hand "If God's Alive" Debbie's worried about her best friend Beth Lately man she's been so depressed Its like nothing's right, she hates her life And she might just end it all But Debbie says Beth I care about you Let's get some help and work this through 'Cause though its bad right now That's not how this story needs to end ...because (Chorus) If God's Alive, If God's Alive If God's Alive, the future's open wide If the God of Christ exists No matter how messed up it is If God's alive the future's open wide Bobbie's daddy used to pound those beers Bobbie's family lived in constant fear 'cause when dad got drunk, he'd start to punch Bobbie hated going home But Bobbie's daddy doesn't drink these days He's found the Lord, and he's found AA And its gonna take time, but they're all gonna try To build a brand new life ...because (Chorus) I was looking at the TV screen Saw hungry babies in a third world scene And it made me cry, I mean who am I, to have more than I need? Homeless people living on the street But I thank God this stuff gets to me And I won't lose heart -- I'll do my part Even when it feels like a drop in the bucket (Chorus) Mary thought everything was lost Saw him die on a Roman cross And her hopes were crushed, She guessed he just wasn't who he said he was But Sunday morning everything was changed What she saw took her breath away 'cause the angel said -- he is not dead! Go and tell this wounded world ...that your (Chorus) Credits: Words & Music By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995. All Rights Reserved.
"Cold Shower Treatment" from "Artist's Hand" album "Cold Shower Treatment" I remember Junior High back in northern New Jersey There was this kid named Corie McCuff Corie was always causing trouble for somebody -- nobody liked Corie much Nobody knew what made Corie so angry, but He was a time bomb wired to blow Some say it started when his dad left his mom-- I guess we've heard that story before And Corie's mom did not know what to do She'd get these phone calls from teachers at school He's causing problems again Ms. McCuff So Corie's mother would go pick him up (And she'd say) (Chorus) Corie why'd you do it? All these feelings inside you Are gonna cause you pain if you don't let somebody help And Corie something's got to change And Corie, what's it going to take For you to see how much you hurt yourself this way? In the summertime the year before we started high school A church in town took this youth camping trip They had a pastor named Kevin and Kevin knew ho to get through to the kids Kevin said hey why don't we see if Corie can Join us this year for our youth camping trip? Not even Kevin knew just how much trouble would be caused by that Corie kid 'Cause Corie wised off and kept picking fights But Kevin knew Corie hurt deep inside And then one night while the other kids slept Kevin heard Corie crying in bed (and Corie kept saying to himself) (Chorus) Corie, why'd you do it? There must be something wrong with you Its just like mom keeps trying to tell you -- you better get some help And everyone says I should change, but no one knows what it will take And they don't see how much it hurts to live this way... At the camp the group was at they had this way of dealing with Campers like Corie who'd break all the rules They called it getting the cold shower treatment And here's what the camp staff would do They'd let the cold shower run until that mountain water was almost like ice Then the offender would strip to a bathing suit and take a cold shower While all the other campers would Watch you and tease you and laugh It was the most talked about thing at camp It was done in a spirit of fun They never meant it to hurt anyone Well Corie was constantly breaking the rules "Let's give Corie the shower!" said the rest of the group So they turned on the water and they gathered around "Make him freeze!" screamed the merciless crowd Like some death row prisoner Corie marched into the room Showing no emotion as he listened to the group They were laughing, mocking, shouting, "To the shower with McCuff!" And then that locker room fell silent And as Corie looked up There was pastor Kevin in this silly bathing suit Taking Corie's shower, and shouting, "Corie! God loves you!" And Corie started crying as the other kids all left Kevin got out of the shower and he said, "Corie... God knows why you do it, And man there's nothing wrong with you That God can't help you learn to deal with, if you want God to And Corie, everything can change 'Cause Jesus knew what it would take For you to see how much you hurt yourself this way" I remember senior high back in northern New Jersey I had a friend named Corie McCuff Corie was some kind of beautiful person So full of forgiveness and love Sometimes a person would ask him hey Corie How come you're always so thoughtful and kind? Corie would smile and say its hard to explain Then he'd throw them his favorite line He'd say, I started to live differently When a good friend once helped me see, That this carpenter -- took a shower once for me! Credits: Words & Music By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995.
"Bumper Sticker Witness" from "Artist's Hand" album "Bumper Sticker Witness" I was driving down the interstate just minding my own business When moving slow in the left hand lane was a 57 Plymouth I flashed my lights to get her over to the right But she would not move and then I knew That this was no run of the mill mobile As I pulled up close I saw that entire car was covered With umpteen million bumper stickers, one next to the other And every single sticker was a message for a sinner And then I realized I'd pulled up behind Chorus: A bumper sticker witness She's a bumper sticker witness And she drives it to the limit for the Lord She's got a holy rollin' Plymouth And that woman's zeal is driven She's a bumper sticker witness for the Lord (I started reading) Jesus saves; His pain your gain; I found it, Praise the Lord!; The God I worship is not dead, I'm sorry to hear about yours; Jesus Christ is tough as nails and he was dyin' for you to meet him May your words be sweet and tender, 'cause tomorrow you might just eat 'em (Chorus) (Bridge) If I did not know the Lord I would not get caught dead Have a little patience, God's not through with me yet One life to live, will soon be past Only what we do in Christ will last And warning, in case of rapture this car will crash! When it seems there's no way out then let the Saviour in Make the Lord your captain and your team will always win She's got her foot on the rock and her name on the roll And she tunes her AM radio to the DJ of her dreams-- Paul Harvey... good day! (Chorus) Well I must admit these bumper stickers used to make me snicker But these cranking Christianese machines just might be saving sinners And maybe when we reach those pearly gates we'll be surprised To find that heaven's filled with folks who once pulled up behind... (Chorus) Credits: Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995. All Rights Reserved.
"Place of Surrender" from "Artist's Hand" album "Place of Surrender" He said I've been to church most of my life But to be honest, I've never felt too much inside To me the church is kind of like a glorified Kiwanis club He said I know that sounds flip, but for me that's where it's at But I can tell you believe there's more than that And actually I'd like to listen, if you would try to explain So we talked about the God who became a peasant child Who lived a love so hot that blood was shed He said I wonder why you feel your faith almost like a lover's touch While for me its like some lukewarm proposition in my head And I said, if you really want to know, I think... (Chorus) It all comes down to the place of surrender Where you gladly say, God, I lay down my will I'm giving up control, 'cause you died for me Its the place where your hunger, and your deepest thirst Is to know the Creator of the universe And where you think of the price God paid for your sin And everything is worthless by comparison Somehow it all begins, at the place of surrender I could tell that my words hit him like a brick He said you mean your willing to bow down and submit your whole life to God? Man that sounds odd ...not to mention dehumanizing and potentially dangerous I said, I guess I'll take my chances, in calling someone Lord Who owned this world, yet for my sake became poor I'm not afraid to serve a deity who died for me He said so you're telling me the passion comes from looking at the cross And then placing all that's yours in God's hands I said yeah, I guess that's it, but why some do it and some don't Is a crazy mystery I guess I'll never understand But I'm more and more convinced, that... (Chorus) It all comes down to the place of surrender Where you gladly say, God, I lay down my will I'm giving up control, 'cause you died for me Its the place of no bargains, and no half way Where his prayer in the garden is the prayer we pray Lord, not my will, but yours be done Nothing's really mine -- 'cause you bought it with your blood That's when the freedom comes at the place of surrender Credits: Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995.
"Artist's Hand" from "Artist's Hand" album "Artist's Hand" Sometimes nothing seems to make much sense And all my prayers don't seem to help When things I thought were straightened out seem all messed up again That's when I remind myself (Chorus) That though the backside of a tapestry Is a bunch of tangled threads The other side's the work of an artist's hand So when tangled threads are all that I can see from where I stand I still believe in the Artist's Hand Famines, wars, and so-called "acts of God" I've got questions in my mind Sometimes all that's clear to me is that this world's not fair But I remember in those times (Chorus) Credits: Music @ Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995. All Rights Reserved.
Best Stuff 04:49
"Best Stuff" from "Artist's Hand" album "Best Stuff" Jim & Jodie been going out steady Since they both were sophomores All alone the passion gets heavy Jimmy always wants more Jodie says, I know how you feel, And I believe our love is real But there's a part of me that I'm keeping for my wedding day Jimmy says, come on -- its the 90's No one waits these days Jodie says the man who weds me is Gonna find I was worth the wait ('cause) (Chorus) The best stuff, the real stuff The set you free stuff -- you know it don't come cheap The best stuff, I mean the real stuff, The set you free stuff -- it never does come easy And that's how it is with me Jimmy said Jodie I'm going crazy! If you loved me you'd do it-- Jodie said Jim I told you I'm waiting Don't try to push me into it Jimmy said hey if you won't give in Maybe we should just call it quits Jodie said Jimmy I really love you But I don't like you much right now Jimmy said well then let's just break up I've waited long enough Jodie said don't you see -- this is why I'm glad that we didn't make love! (and Jimmy...) (Chorus) (Bridge) Later on that night, Jodie got on her knees & prayed She said Lord -- I felt close to you today 'Cause as Jimmy was breaking my heart I thought of you up on that cross And its like I saw what you did in a brand new way And I thought, its true... The best stuff... the real stuff... the set you fee stuff... it never does come easy Jodie hasn't dated for a while now She's still not over Jimmy When someone says I love you then you find out That all he meant was "gimme" Its kind of like it shakes your heart up You really don't know who to trust But Jodie smiles and says I'll be all right I know I'll heal with time And she believes that someday she'll find When every piece is in place A guy who'll say Jodie you turn me on, but I really think we should wait, 'cause Jodie... (Chorus - last line) ...and that's how I want us to be Credits: Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995.
"Table Of Friendship And Love" from "Artist's Hand" album "Table of Friendship & Love" I met this teenage heavy metal freak He blew my mind away When I found out what he did in his school one day He said I've never gotten into all these "clique-y" groups at school I mean someone's always left out -- not everybody's cool But then he went on this church retreat And he heard how Jesus talked about a table where everyone belongs He said I got this wild idea -- at first I had to think it through You see you can't be too direct these days with religious stuff at school He said I even said a prayer that God would show me what to do And then he told me exactly what he did (he said) (Chorus) I found an empty table in the cafeteria I put a sign in the middle that said Friendship and Love No one needs a clique here There's a place for everyone At the table of Friendship and Love He said I sat there all alone at first Feeling kind of like a jerk He started thinking maybe this idea's not gonna work But it was like a sign from Heaven When this freshman nerd walked up And said, is this for real? And the metal head kid said, yup So they ate their lunch together -- the thrasher and the nerd And it was like they sent a message -- that was way too deep for words And it didn't take too long before everybody heard About this radical new thing going on (at that) (Chorus) (Bridge) And he said you won't believe it man, but at our school each day We've got jocks and heads and nerds and freaks And every social class and race Breaking bread together -- and though we're not allowed to pray When the walls come down like that-- How can God be far away ...from a (Chorus) Credits: Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995. All Rights Reserved.
"Calling At The Crossroads" from "Artist's Hand" album "Calling At The Crossroads" What 'cha gonna do when its time to choose? What 'cha gonna do with your life? How you gonna use what's been given to you? How you gonna know what is right? There are many voices that call to you And God's voice won't always be loud But if you want to do what Christ wants you to Here's a truth to think about (Chorus) Where your greatest source of joy Intersects with the needs of the world Go and find that place And hear the Spirit calling you (calling you) Where your greatest source of joy Intersects with the needs of the world Go and find that place And hear your calling at the Crossroads Some are gonna tell you that you must ask first Where's the biggest money to be made? But I will tell you there's no check that's worth Pushing what you love away And some are gonna tell you that growing up Means saying no to your dreams But I believe the Spirit wants to cross your dreams With a wounded person's needs (Chorus) (Bridge) You might be a wonderful artist Your gift flows from deep in your soul But someone has said there's no market For what you do, so let it go But I say give praise to the God who creates And ask God to show you how Your artistry can somehow be used To raise up in a world that puts down (Chorus) Note: The idea for this song came from a statement by author Frederick Buechner: "Your calling is where your own greatest joy intersects with the needs of the world." Credits: Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995. All Rights Reserved.
Can't Talk 02:24
"Can't Talk" from "Artist's Hand" album "Can't Talk" I can't talk to my dad, I don't know why We've got nothing in common There's nothing to say I say what I'm thinking, and he just gets mad So I just keep it to myself I can't talk to my dad I can't talk to my mom, I sure wish I could Can't say what I'm thinking though, 'cause she still thinks I'm good She'd just start crying, and I'd just feel dumb So let her think that I'm O.K. I can't talk to my mom (Bridge) But there's a whole world of friends who understand me They look at this world and see what I see And its O.K. if mom and dad and I don't agree I just wish we could say it openly But we don't talk about religion; we don't talk about love Don't talk about decisions That I make just growing up And I don't want a sermon, and they don't understand Why I don't try to talk to them I just talk to my friends Please Note: This song was written by Jim Weber of Touchstone Youth Resources. As a matter of courtesy, please contact Jim for permission before copying or using this song in any way. P.O. Box 159231 Nashville, TN, 37215 800-951-0124 jim-weber@juno.com www.jimweber.com Written by Jim Weber � 1985 Meadowgreen Music Co. (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Credits: Music & Lyrics By Jim Weber 1985 Meadowgreen Music Co.
"The Other Side" from "Artist's Hand" album "The Other Side" Well I know you think I don't understand you Maybe sometimes that's true And lately all we do is fight When I try to talk to you You've got your thoughts and I've got mine And we both think we're right You know some folks say we fight this way 'Cause we're so much alike (Chorus) I used to love this Cat Stevens song, "Father and Son" on Tea For The Tillerman I'd always sing from the child's point of view (yeah...) I'd tell myself that when I had kids, We'd be real close, yeah, we'd talk all the time And it feels real strange to find myself on the other side The other side Well I know sometimes I'm too quick to tell you What you must learn your own way But man its hard to see you make The same mistakes I made And someday we'll both turn around And you'll be on your own Well I pray that we can work this out While you're still here at home (Chorus) Have you heard that Cat Stevens song, "Father and Son" on Tea For The Tillerman You'd probably like that child's point of view (yeah...) I think they sell it on CD now Let's pick up a copy and check it out Maybe you and I could learn to hear each other's side The other side Credits: Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995. All Rights Reserved.
"ABC's For The O.T." from "Artist's Hand" album "ABC's For The O.T." Now if you want to memorize the books of the O.T. Well I've figured out a way to make it easy for you, easy for me Kind of like the way you once had to learn those A, B, C, D, E, F, G's I'm gonna commit to my memory these ABC's for the O.T.-- (ABC's for the O.T.) You can memorize the Old Testament with these ABC's for the O.T. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, that's the Pentateuch of Moses (repeat) Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 2 Sam's, 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles (repeat) Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, sing a little Psalm, and get wise with a Proverb (repeat) Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations (repeat) Zeke and Dan, Hosea and Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah and Micah (repeat) Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and last is Malachi (repeat) (Chorus) Memorize the Old Testament with these ABC's for the O.T. You can ...memorize the Old Testament with these ABC's for the O.T. Note the following abbreviations: 2 Sam's = 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel 2Kings = 1 Kings and 2 Kings 2 Chronicles = 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles Zeke = Ezekiel Dan = Daniel Credits: Music & Lyrics By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1995.
"Dream God's Dream" from "Artist's Hand" album "Dream God's Dream" (Chorus) Dream God's dream Holy Spirit, help us dream... Of a world where there is justice, and where everyone is free To build and grow and love And to simply have enough The world will change when we dream God's dream I'm dreaming of a world where the color of one's skin Will mean less than what's within the person's heart A world where water's clean, and where air is safe to breathe And every child born has enough to eat. (Chorus) I'm dreaming of the call God is offering to me How to use my energy and my best gifts To do the work of Christ -- to say, God please use my life To spread Your healing love -- and to live your Truth (Chorus) I'm dreaming of the way that I want my life to go I've got hopes and I've got goals I'd like to meet I'm reaching for the stars, but I won't forget the scars Of Christ who died to show that the Dream's for all... (Chorus) Credits: Words & Music By Bryan Sirchio Crosswind Music, 1991


released February 20, 1995


all rights reserved



Bryan Sirchio Madison, Wisconsin

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